We are a global consulting firm that partners with subject matter experts and industry-leading business product and service providers that deliver integrated solutions to our clients. With over 80+ years of combined in business consulting and deep knowledge of the industry, we offer a vast range of bespoke services to challenge traditional business operations to spark positive change, transform businesses to meet their target, and experience sustainable growth. Whether your organization faces challenges with company culture, uncertain future market realities, or lack of business agility across people, process, and technology spectrum, we will guide you to a re:Formed business operation where decision-making is leveraged across people, processes, and technology.

re: ImaginedAdvisory Board

Joel Franco Chakkalakal

Business Process re:Imagined

David Dimmer

Web Services and e-Commerce re:Imagined

Larry Hoelscher

Executive Coaching re:Imagined

Alexandre Santos

Financial Turnarounds, M&A re:Imagined

Jeff Larson

Security and Compliance re:Imagined

Hama Prado

Supply Chain re:Imagined

Kevin Tye

Bio Fuel and Renewables re:Imagined

Giorgi Gelovani

Digital Transformation re:Imagined

Paige Pollack

Commercial Property Tax re:Imagined
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