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Hard Drive Destruction Service

Andy Jassey, Amazon CEO, once stated that if any piece of media containing personal customer data got out into the wild, it could possibly be an extinction-level event for that company.

The reputation damage is incalculable, not to mention the hefty fines from the FTC (ex: Morgan Stanley $35m for mishandling drives with sensitive data)

The Risk of Not Prioritizing Data Destruction

With forensic capabilities being more advanced and the technology readily available, simply wiping or formatting is not enough to properly sanitize sensitive information or destroy a hard drive, protecting it from malicious data recovery. Widely used global business standards stem from the United States NSA and can be found in their NSA/CSS Policy manual 9-12.

2 Ways to Effectively Destroy

Hard Drive Data

the 2 ways are Degaussing and Punching, and Disintegration
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Degaussing and Punching
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Degaussing and Punching Hard Drives

First, we degauss hard drives using an electrical device or permanent magnet assembly that generates a coercive magnetic force in order to wipe or degauss magnetic storage devices and other magnetic materials. Note that hybrid drives manufactured after 2013 may require the media platter to be removed from the outer casing to properly degauss a drive.

From there, the platter is physically deformed through punching, destroying the hard drive.

Our Powerful Partnership

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Phiston Technologies is a leading scientific research, development, engineering, and manufacturing company in the US.

Their MediaVice destruction equipment ensures the hard drives are destroyed accurately and efficiently by using a magnetic flux field that delivers a 20,000-gauss (2-tesla) magnetic field that can penetrate any enterprise HAMR/MAMR high-capacity drive to ensure complete erasure (competitors can only achieve max 1 tesla, hence not ensuring erasure).

This is coupled with patented crushing plates that deliver over 40,000 lbs of force to the vulnerable platters and read heads of the old hard drives. In less than a minute, the hard drive is crushed, mangled, rendered unreadable (similar to a shredding process), and then discharged into a waste collection bin.

Their family of devices ranges from tabletop units ideal for low throughputs such as EDGE and retail locations to rack mount units that are suited for small business server rooms and COLO/EDGE applications.

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Disintegrate the Hard Drive

Standard compliance mandates destroying or disintegrating the media platter into 2-millimeter particles in size on edge.

It is highly recommended to disintegrate hybrid IS storage devices in bulk lots with other storage devices, as this particle size leaves no question that the media has been sanitized.

Phiston’s MediaDice® All Media Disintegrator

Is the market’s first and only ALL MEDIA disintegrator that will destroy and disintegrate all media, including hard disk drives and switches, meeting the NSA/CSS standard of 2 mm or less.

The MediaDice machine is our crowning jewel, a game changer in terms of throughput, perhaps we can highlight or put in a star the throughput rate "+320 HDD per hour, that a drive every 10 seconds" "+740 SSD per hour, that's a drive every 4 secs" the mediaVice is great machine, tried and tested in the industry and market, many clients know and like it, but the mediaDice changes the game.

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The MD-HTP-A2 was made to operate more safely in the cleanest room and secure zone environment than any other sanitizer. With a built-in magnetic metal separator, this is the ideal machine for an environmentally conscious business wanting to reduce waste. The e-waste produced can be recycled, keeping it out of the landfill, and setting the stage for an environment-friendly secure process. With the convenience and peace of mind of having a full chain of custody, the MediaDice® All Media Disintegrator is your all-in-one, in-house, comprehensive data destruction solution. Adding in the capability of being able to destroy 320+ HDD (including HMAR/MAMR, high capacity drives) or 740+ SSD per hour, the MediaDice is the perfect asset for any high volume business or data center environment or highly sensitive computer or data destruction needs.CSS
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Mobile Hard Drive Destruction

If you cannot place a piece of destruction equipment onsite, Phiston has teamed up with industry leader in the mobile platform space, in maintaining a fleet of high-volume media destruction trucks utilizing the MediaDice technology and secure handling accessories such as red media bins equipped with scanners.

Ensuring your Hard Drives are protected through a closed loop chain of custody system and tracked throughout the efficient process.

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Our exclusive partnership with Phiston provides clients with destruction equipment AND a no-cost, comprehensive risk analysis of your media handling procedures, including a detailed report to update your standard operating procedures to mitigate risks, including seamless integration of chain of custody and an electronic certificate of destruction of API data.

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Why Turn to Critical Risk Solution?

When it comes to hard drive destruction, you can’t take chances.

You need to be sure that the data on your business hard drives is completely destroyed and unrecoverable without risks or liabilities. That’s why choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner for your data destruction is crucial.

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Comprehensive Risk Analysis

We offer unparalleled on-site and off-site hard drive destruction service, specializing in media destruction. Our hard drive destruction processes are designed to ensure complete data erasure and total physical destruction of hard drives, as well as all related components.

We use a combination of advanced technology and physical destruction service, meeting the highest industry standards. This ensures that all data is permanently destroyed beyond any possible recovery attempts.

Comprehensive Liability Protection

We also provide comprehensive liability protection against future potential breaches of confidential information resulting from improper disposal methods. Our security protocols and procedures are carefully tailored to meet all relevant compliance requirements - including electronic or paper proof of destruction certificate - offering peace of mind knowing that your data is always secure in the right way.Hard drive destruction is a time-consuming task for businesses with large volumes of computers and other assets to dispose of. That’s why we provide solutions to help reduce costs and streamline procedures for maximum efficiency and productivity.With flexible scheduling service options and convenient pickup/delivery service available nationwide, we make it easy to get the hard drive destruction job done without worrying about disruption in operations or productivity losses.

Protect Yourself from Data Breaches

There’s no better choice when it comes to having hard drives destroyed. Our cutting-edge methods, combined with uncompromising service and security protocols, allow you to rest assured, knowing that your business will never fall victim to the consequences associated with careless disposal practices.Contact us to request your free quote and learn more about how our services can help protect your company or organization against unwanted intrusions while also helping you save time and money in the process.
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